MMA2 Cargo Logistics Centre invites you to take advantage of her wide range of services aimed towards providing smooth cargo facilitation. We also aim to meet your operational safety and efficiency thereby enabling you to operate and conduct your cargo transactions in a conducive environment. We provide standard platforms to suit the operations of cargo facilitation such as:

Please note that when sending consignments by air, ensure you comply with safety, security and IATA Dangerous Good Regulations guiding cargo operations in the aviation industry. 

DISCLAIMER – MMA2 does not directly accept cargo consignment from the public or shippers. Arrangements must be made with a cargo General Sales Agent (GSA).


For further information regarding the operations within the cargo unit, you can call Deji on 0803 572 0592 or send an Email to

General Sales AgentPhone NumberEmail Address
Greater Washington
Ehi MultiSystems Nig.
Red Star Express Ltd.8063687038
Knight Pride
BA Global Ltd8055455123